I'm a WordPress addict. No, really.  Do you know what I love so much about building with WordPress?  If you ask me "Can we...?", 99% of the time my answer will be, "YES! We can!"  And I love being able to offer that kind of flexibility in a website build. 

 I have a passion for building for small business owners.  It's my humble opinion that small business grows communities. And as we grow and strengthen our communities, we extend a net of growth and relationship beyond our boundaries.  

I build for owners.  Not for money, although the pay is a bonus.  I am intentional about creating relationship with my clients, because their vision, their brand, is important to me as I present them to the world.  How they appear matters to me.  Because you know the old saying, when you look good, we look good.  

Our relationship starts with a conversation:  where you are, where you would like to go, and what you need in a website.  We collaborate from there, to create a site that is perfect for your needs and your brand.  Every build is different, and every client is valuable.  

Clients have said to me, "But, I don't know how to speak website. I don't understand how we get from point A to point Z."  You don't have to. That's my job.  We talk. I create. You enjoy.  You don't need to understand metatags, SEO optimization, theme structure, none of that.  That's my job, and it's important to me to make it easy for you.  

I also offer care "after the sale". WordPress designs are flexible and fun, but they require maintenance ongoing.  I offer maintenance services and site analytics for a modest monthly fee after the launch.  

I offer creativity, professional and timely service, and a warm and hassle free working relationship.  That's it! Easy, personal, great results. 

How can I help you build your vision?  Let's talk.




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